We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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10 reasons why hiring a PT is better than going it alone

Imagine a circle representing your life. Personal training falls into a certain category. This category is called self care. Not much of that circle is dedicated to you when you’ve got a hectic work diary, a family to provide for and a busy social life. Once the children are a bit older and you’ve got more time to reinvest into yourself, this circle starts to expand. Slowly things that improve your health and fitness start to fit back into your routine. Self care, and activities that lead to you becoming fitter and happier start to hold a bigger part of your life. They let you regain the energy needed for you to give to your family and your work life balance.

1. A personal trainer should show you what’s important

Intuitive programming can allow you to see results each week, while being flexible. Stress, lack of sleep, and being distracted by work can make you feel like you are being held back from getting results. A good personal trainer should be able to adjust your plan so that the work load is realistic. If you’re exhausted one week, then we’re not sticking to the strength testing session that we had planned. We’ll do a de-load week and focus on healthy movement. You’ll probably get some higher heart rate work thrown in for some stress relief. If you’re not recovering from training, you won’t be getting results.

2. Nutrition is complicated

It’s not a perfect science. There are so many variables that affect how someone responds to a particular diet. Sex, age, weight, diet history, training history, family history, body type, special conditions, food sensitivity.. the list goes on. A personal trainer will be able to discuss strategy and ideas to improve your awareness of balanced nutrition. A great result would be to know your own body by working together with a personal trainer. Knowing how you respond to food, knowing your triggers, stressful environments, and pitfalls. Client education is integral to results. A personal trainer will build nutrition, not prescribe it.

3. Doing it your own is hard

Being motivated is just the start. Results come from intensity and not going through the motions; this can be uncomfortable. Our job is not to make you throw up, but to know what your limits are. We use systems to create intensity allowing you to do it safely and effectively. Something else to consider is that exercises don’t guarantee activation. Is that ab exercise working your core? Is that deadlift hurting your back or strengthening it? Success comes from when you can create intensity with great joint and muscle function.

4. You’ll learn about yourself

The role of a personal trainer is to get people exposed to training. Our job is to find out what you enjoy. Through mastering the foundations of movement you can find out what you’re good at and you’re more likely to be good at something you like. You’re far more likely to get results by focusing on performance, and being out of your comfort zone suddenly isn’t so bad.

5. Will power is infinite

It’s all in the programming. Once you’re interested in performance instead of the scales you become invested in the process. That’s where the results happen. A coach will create a training programme which allows you to see a clear path forwards. Seeing results happen before your eyes is a strong motivator. You’re also accountable now.

6. It’s for you, put the emails down for an hour

Stress relief. For that hour you don’t have to plan, organise, or hold any meetings. A personal trainer can take the load off your shoulders for 60 minutes. We write the programmes, you can switch off from work mode. You know that strength training, cardiovascular health, joint mobility and flexibility… all the good stuff – is covered. Time for you is important and if weight loss is one of your goals, reducing accumulated stress is vital to seeing results. Imagine two hours a week where you didn’t have to reply to emails. Imagine a longer, slightly harder coffee break.

7. There is an injury risk

In order to progress, we focus on performance. You’ll want progressive overload, or a faster lap time, and increasing speed, weight, or power involves risk of injury. An experienced trainer should be able to spot gaps in technique and offer technique correction easily. They should be able to understand firing order, and muscular sequences. Clients want to see results fast and often it is easy to get swept up in the excitement of fast paced HIIT when someone starts exercising. When you work with a trainer they will do a postural assessment and record specific movement tests to build your programme.

8. Mobility is everything

Mobility and flexibility dictates movement. In order to do the best weight loss or core strengthening exercises you need to meet key pre-requisites to see significant results. We will make sure that you’re not held back by lack of flexibility, but also aim to make this an integral part of the training. Mobility is often the culprit of inhibited muscle function and once this is addressed you can unlock so much training potential! Biomechanics based stretch routines and progressive movements allow you to feel more human. Don’t get used to back ache. It’s not age.

9. You’ll find out about posture

Posture isn’t an after thought. It underpins all exercise! When we write programmes we want all clients to be able to do the foundations of movement and there’s a good selection of exercises here. Programming is tailored towards your goal after assessing your ability to move. Posture and mobility have strong influences on your programme and they come hand in hand. We will ensure you have good scapula function before adding bench press to your strength training. We will work on hip function from the get-go so that essential movements like squats and deadlifts can bring you weight loss results without knee pain. Postural improvements reflect quality training. 

10. You’ll build important relationships

Community is a powerful motivator. Clients get to know one another and build connections by crossing paths in the studio. These clients often exercise together and great friendships have been forged through hard training sessions. Working with a personal trainer can lead to meeting people who are going through the same challenges as you.