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East less, lose weight. Right? Wrong


Eating too little could be as damaging to your fat loss, as eating too much.

Let me explain.

When I first meet a client, a lot of the time they are suffering from the same problem. They are under eating. This may not sound that bad, but trust me when I say this – over eating is easier to change.

Under eating is problematic because it means your metabolic rate is slow. Your ability to process energy, and food, is lower than you would like. I’m not a calorie counter, but hear me out. Let’s say you eat 1500 calories a day. Whether you’re counting or not, that’s not a large amount for men or women full stop let alone if you have a busy working diary or you are exericsing.

You want to lose weight; so you eat less. Now you’re at 1200. Or 1000. You’ve reduced portion sizes. Or taken carbs out. Or skipped breakfast. Where do you go from here. Less? Less again? Suddenly you’re sick, run down, or scarier: heavier.

The answer:

Promote fat loss by eating more.

In order to raise your metabolic rate and promote fat loss you need to exercise. Weight training, cardiovascular exercise, metcons. You choose. Pick something that you enjoy, that you’re good at, and that is going to give you the results you want. Exercise will promote a faster metabolic rate. Then you can slowly start to increase that food intake.

Work with a coach to find out what kind of amount you should be aiming for; and how to structure your intake. I am not an advocate for diets. So this is not that. Preparing food and knowing what kind of foods to choose on the go, simply gives you more control.

Eat well. Choose high protein. Prepare meals from recipe books. Eat foods you like. Drink more water. The message here is not what to eat, but to make sure that your intake is higher. When I work with someone on their nutrition, we build a blueprint to reflect their lifestyle. If you are reading this and you think you’re undereating or falling into the same trap then email me. Send me a message on Facebook. Getting run down or sick periodically is a good sign that you’re not recovering from exercise.

The aim is to increase the amount of energy your body uses each day. Challenge your body. With increased exercise comes increased requirements. The extra calories from food are more likely to be used for lean mass aka muscle, rather than body fat.

Muscle requires more calories to maintain. With added muscle you’ll be burning bodyfat just by having it. Ladies, don’t worry about getting bulky. I’m not talking about Arnold here. Im talking about functional muscle. Strengthening your midsection, legs, arms. Improving your body confidence – this is something for another blog!

Some of the best fat loss results have come from eating more – It might be hard to stomach (excuse the pun) but if you’re exercising 5 days a week, killing yourself in the gym, in that spin class, in body pump, and you’re not losing weight – then I say this. Work smarter, not harder.

Allow yourself to exercise with intensity. Allow yourself to recover. Give yourself more energy throughout the day. Give yourself improved sleep quality. There’s far more to losing weight than just food alone, but ultimately what we want to achieve is a healthy body, which is efficient at it’s job.

If your quality of sleep is improved, your levels of stress will drop. Your ability to work with stress is improved. Getting more food in is great, that will allow you to get those sessions in the bank. If you are getting more food in, and that food is also nutritious, then imagine the benefits to your heart, brain, and energy.

Those are the real results. Don’t slip into the under-eating pitfall. Structure your eating well, and your results will reflect that.