We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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Eating meal prep is easy. Finding the time to make it is the hard work

Routine is the one thing that people lack when they arrive at the studio. Let me talk to you about what I think a prospective client might think before starting personal training:

  • They think i’m going to push them. Hard.
  • They think that hard exercise is going to be enough to get results.
  • They have had this thought process: “it’s ok, i’ve got PT this week

The work for reward mindset is something I try and address quite early on in someone’s coaching. In the beginning I need a client to be able to do certain exercises. These might be new, or you might have done them before. You might have been doing them wrong. Maybe not.

This foundation period allows me to gain a lot of information about you. Those critical sessions together allow me to learn how you approach nutrition and exercise, and it also shows me how you perceive the results you’re chasing.

The real progress comes when you aren’t thinking about how hard I might push you in a session (and yes I will push you, sometimes), It comes when we’ve established a routine outside of the studio that is different to your existing one.

I have a lot of clients who see me once a week. Often those clients don’t rely on me for exercise frequency and in these cases we usually cover concepts that are applied to their training without me; or we might discuss nutritional strategy. Occasionally it is a client who would usually see me more often but down to their hectic work schedule they were only able to get to the studio once that week. That session would then provide vital stress relief.

We are trying to build and establish a routine that leads to change

One hour of quality exercise per week will help promote lean mass; helping you burn more energy daily. It will also help you reduce stress through vital endorphin release. It will improve your metabolic rate and give you more energy. It will also reduce the amount of postural pain or muscular imbalances you and every other client has. Two hours is better than one. Three hours is better than two, and so on.

What one session doesn’t do, is get the results for you. I asked the question earlier, “does your routine get you the results you want?”. What I really want to know is are you aware of how your working diary stops you making positive changes to your long term health.

I ask my clients regularly what they think gets in the way of their results and they give me some really valuable information.

Consider these frequent obstacles:

  1. When do you have long business meetings?
  2. What is your back up plan if you can’t eat lunch?
  3. When in the week are you able to prepare food?
  4. What will help you keep focused through a gruelling conference call?
These questions come from our own clients

They are people who have had to address these challenges in their own lines of work frequently. I’ve worked with every single client to help them improve their ability to adopt new routines and realise where they can gain small, but extremely important changes in their week to allow them to move forward.

Eating your meal prep is easy, but finding the time to make it is hard. You might have to suddenly pick the kids up. You might have had to stay at work late. More than once this week. Predicting these obstacles is the real solution.

Our final note. It’s not enough for us to push you in the studio. If you can’t recover from exercise due to nutritional inconsistency, you won’t in turn burn any body fat (insert your fitness goals here) and you won’t progress.

With all that said, if you can see progress in the weights you’re lifting and you’re physically stronger and fitter; well that be lovely too.