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How can you stop getting Injured?


More importantly, how many times has it knocked your confidence?

During anyones training journey, you are always going to encounter injuries. I have seen many in clients – sometimes this is the reason I meet someone, and sometimes it happens during the process. I have had many during my training career.

Once you feel like you cannot exercise, your motivation takes a big hit. Even when presented with minor injuries like sprains, strains, or tendonitis.

I am going to use a some examples to demonstrate a point. I want to change your perceptions of what it means to get injured and how you can become stronger during the process.

In personal training I want all my clients to improve their posture. No one comes in with perfect posture, and I am always continuing to strengthen mine and combat work related postural issues. Typically I see a lot of thoracic problems, and my clients will know this through my constant reminders! I’m talking about the muscles around the shoulders and supporting the neck.

Thoracic mobility, and mobility through the shoulders is key to being able to compete in sport, perform important exercises, and to relieve complaints like tension headaches. Sometimes I will see someone with shoulder pain from exercise, because the shoulder position is not healthy.

Can you imagine lifting a heavy weight, while your muscles are tight enough to restrict the movement to much less than it should be? It happens.

When presented with postural injuries, or postional injuries, use this as an opportunity to look at why you were injured. Set backs help you grow by improving on areas you have not focused on previously.

They are a chance to grow, and correct something you have missed.

Mobility and function always takes a back seat because everyone loves to exericse, and ofcourse – we want to see results fast.

Coaching is a comprehensive experience. I enjoy teaching someone to squat, because it demands a lot from a client. The exercise is the easy part.