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if I hurt the next day, that means it’s working right?


Tom came to me to improve his strength. We definitely did that. Tom now squats with great technique on his own, and can deadlift way more than his body weight. He has a great bench press, and knows how to recruit the proper neural pathways during a pull up.

In addition to these cool things, we’ve covered his mobility comprehensively.

Tom is often seated at work, and travels a lot with his job. Early on we were able to see important mobility issues we could address in the studio to improve his major lifts.

Improving exercise quality is great; but improving mobility with a longer term view is key to being able to maintain that quality of exercise. By being seated and working hard in that flexed position Tom has created some tight musculature that will present problems later on if he leaves them unattended.

A lot of my coaching is centered around showing clients how to achieve good mobility or flexibility. Typically this is more obvious the longer you have been in a office based role.

Tom now includes an effective mobility routine in his training which will allow him to maintain excellent mobility throughout his time at work and his strength will be able to increase with it.

Check out Tom talking about his mindset toward training here:

Your mindset toward training has a major impact on what kind of results you’re going to achieve.

It is the relationship of work and reward. If you can start to associate reward with effective mobility exercises you will be able to progress in any training discipline. It creates excellent body awareness and an awesome muscular connection.

Tom’s lifting hasn’t just improved because we’ve ran through technique workships together; but because he performs effective stretch routines which allow him to focus on positions that will carry over to his compound lifts.

Men have historically often associated reward with the bench press. It’s the first real taste of weight lifting, and perhaps one of the easier exercises to master as you see results quickly. Eventually more compound lifts are included and all we want to feel is that aching soreness the next day to validate our training.

Plateaus and injuries are innevitable as we look to lift more and more for those same results. The weight you lift does not increase in a linear fashion indefinitely. It becomes polished, tight and perfected. It becomes about improving your ability to lift rather than how much you can lift. That should be the focus.

Start to associate reward with mobility and those results will increase ten fold.