We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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Male personal trainers. Do they have a reputation?


Male personal trainers have a big sterotype.

There are many preconceptions about male trainers in the fitness industry.

They have been seen to be macho, whistle holding loud bravados, or sleezy, hands on, and performing questionable stretches with no regard for personal space. Sometimes they’re self obsessed and barely coaching the client at all…

I loved talking to Mirianna about her expectations in personal training, especially when we covered the fact that she wanted a female personal trainer first.

Mirianna came to me to work on her olympic lifts for Crossfit, and to improve her core strength for previous injuries. Along the way we ended up improving her stress levels, recognising key nutritional changes and setting some personal bests along the way.

Now her WODs are awesome.

Check out Mirianna talking about her experience here.

Check out Mirianna’s short video to hear her talk about wanting a female trainer first, especially if this is a concern you’ve had about your fitness goals. Personal training needs to be professional, results based, and exciting, and finding the right fit for a trainer is key.

By putting some key concepts into our training together Mirianna and I were able to improve her olympic lifting and her strength training – as well as her cardiovascular ability. This had a great impact on her fitness in Crossfit and meant that she had a supportive programme for the fast pace class environment.

If you have any level of fitness ablitiy, coaching takes what you have already and builds on your existing experiences so that you always see growth and improvement.

There will be more amazing people next week from my Real People, Real Results series covering different types of training, and unique results.