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Mobility why you need it to be fit


Flexibility is pigeon holed. It means yoga, it means stretching. It means specific training that probably takes you away from time dedicated to your goals. Well it shouldn’t have those connotations at all – mobility, and being mobile is so important to all fitness goals. Flexibility and mobility allow you to exercise.

Mirianna has been working with me to improve her crossfit abilities. Through specific mobiliy routines and patterns we’ve been improving Mirianna’s range of motion (ROM). This means that we’ve got more movement, and more muscle available for all exercises.

So many people cannot associate exercise with reward because lacking mobility means that exercises do not produce the results they want; or worse – they’re painful.

To a point, I believe that most exercises are neutral – as in there are no bad exercises; only tight bodies. I’m sure there are exeptions, and I definitely have a list of rubbish exercises but that isn’t for this blog!

These pictures show the immediete results of good movement preparetion. Effective stretches, activation, and a good warm up. This is about 20 minutes apart and shows the most movement Mirianna could get in these test positions. We chose these as they translate into key exercises very well and highlight any lack of movement to address.

The message here, is that if this is achievable in 20 minutes, then if it becomes routine – imagine the quality of your training.

Maintainence is always easier than the work. #ROGA