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Negative Eating Cycle

A Negative Eating Cycle. Have you been losing weight and suddenly it’s stopped? Have you tried dieting and weight loss hasn’t happened for you at all? This week we’ll be filming an in-depth look at something we call a ‘Negative Eating Cycle’.

This is a MAJOR issue for anyone trying to lose weight

A Negative Eating Cycle can affect muscle mass (vital for fat burning), metabolism, energy, sleep, mood and most importantly – it can make it harder next time you try to lose weight.

In this video, we’ll go into more depth on how to create a successful calorie deficit (we aren’t calorie counters) and why it IS NOT as simple as ‘eat less and move more’. You’ve been misled there I’m afraid.

If you are working hard trying to lose weight and your results have been a slow (or non-existent) lookout for the full video later this week.

We will be examining the differences between a negative and positive relationship with food, how it can improve your ability to burn body fat, and why weight loss is a by-product of your body receiving the right food, not just less food.