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Scales, scales, scales… is there another way?


That is what Theresa Wilson says when talking about her results. Carrying on from my Real People, Real Results short video series; I got to spend time with Theresa outside of the studio and talk with her about the results we’ve achieved.

Theresa and I have been working together for a few years, and over that time we have been able to see some fantastic results; along with removing the temptation to jump on the scales to check progress. The scales are a household item and I have written blogs about them and the problem with using them to measure weightloss before.

Feeling your clothes fit better and seeing shape change in the mirror is the message here, and this is far more important and reliable than weighing ourselves regularly.

Check out Theresa talking about her experiences.

Hearing Theresa talk about measuring progress without the scales is exciting for me as a coach.

It is something I focus on with a lot of my clients because it limits your perception of progress a great deal when you use only this method to measure results. I discuss this mindset with my clients weekly and I encourage everyone to look for other ways to monitor progress.

Asking clients:

Is their energy is improving?

Do they feel lethargic during the day?

What is their sleep quality like?

Are they seeing visible changes in their shape?

These are the exciting questions.

Pick one to compare against if weightloss is your goal. Core strength helps you reconnect with your midsection. Posture helps you see the results you’re looking for.

I don’t sell quick fixes. I want all my clients to improve their health comprehensively.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more client videos where you can see real people talking about real results. Removing the mystery around personal training. What would you want to achieve, and what would you want for the New Year?