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Sick of the headline ‘one weird trick to lost weight’?

Everywhere you look online there is information out there promising to bring you weight loss results. One weird trick to lose weight. The one thing you’re not doing that everyone else is. This does not exist. 

The internet has been incredibly powerful in allowing us to access nutritional information, and at the same time makes it very difficult to sift through what information is harmful or useful in achieving the results you want. The ‘magic pill’ culture refers to quick fix products. Many of these providing no ‘fix’ at all, or worse hindering progress all together. This trend has come about from massive marketing opportunities, and financial gain. Products in the fitness industry as well as diets and pills that promise rapid weight loss or unrealistic results have been heavily marketed to the public in order to save you doing any work at all. These include fat burning pills and detox powders; extending to popular diets.

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients can exercise safely and effectively whilst building a positive relationship with food

The latter is about building a blueprint, and not prescribing a diet plan. Occasionally I will get asked for a diet plan in the studio. Sure, I could write one up pretty quick. There’s a problem with that. It would be Rob’s Diet plan.

Eventually you would stop it and go back to yours. The less I interfere with someone’s diet the better. The process is actually very different when I work with a client; we examine the existing dietary habits, routines and relationships someone has with food and we fill gaps. We look at where we are missing good nutrition. We look at the reasons you crave.

Diet plans are often effective and they are prescriptive. They are very attractive if you are going to change your nutritional habits. The perfect diet is not out there for you, and what works for you today might not work for you next year. It is always consistency that brings you results. Not the diet.

That is why drawing a line under a meal you wish you hadn’t eaten is so important. Work by a meal by meal approach, not day by day. If you’ve given into cravings and you’ve written the day off, or even the week – that would be called a success versus failure mindset and this mindset will always set you up for failure, not success.

I was on the tube the other day, and someone next to me was doing his food diary on the train. I was being nosey, but it made me think. This guy was staring up into space, thinking about what he had eaten. Or perhaps what he was going to eat.

The message here is that there is no ‘one weird trick’. It involves building a good relationship with food, and putting more thought into what you eat. Sometimes it means prioritising yourself more each day.

We ask our clients to do a food diary, and it is not so we can tell them off about the pack of digestive biscuits they’ve had at 4pm – it’s so that we can see how they eat. 

So no, there are no magic pills, or weird tricks you’re missing. It’s learning to be interested in food, and building healthy food relationships – and of course consistency in these habits that get you the results.

We don’t care about your vices. You should hear ours.