We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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Switch your focus to performance and allow yourself to move forward

If a client switches their mindset to focus on performance, for example getting stronger or faster, then they allow themselves to move forward on their weight-loss journey more so than if they focused on weight-loss itself. The logic behind this is that they become interested in nutrition that allows them to both recover and progress with a training programme.

The train harder, lose more weight mindset is the reverse of this. An example might be ” I can have my junky meal this week because I’ve had my PT session” or ” I can have that extra cocktail tomorrow evening because I’ve done extra cardio this week”.

Switch your interest to performance

Switching to “I need to eat well over the next few days so that I can beat my last personal best” or If I don’t drink alcohol this weekend I’ll feel so much better smashing that target in the gym” allows trainers to totally transform what they are able offer to their clients and allows long term results.

We ask all our clients to focus on strength; bearing in mind we are only talking about weight loss in this article and that there are a whole host of other benefits that come with weight training and exercise as a whole. When focusing on strength and quality of movement all of the clients that we see in the studio think less about how hard they are working and what that session equates to. Their interest is instead focused on their health, long term benefits to their body, and quality of exercise.

Exercise for weight loss is a stressful relationship to have and if someone never moves past that stage of thinking they might never enjoy the process; limiting weight-loss results until this thought paradigm changes. Our own skills as a personal trainers lie in improving someones ability to move. Improving joint health, muscular function, and getting a client proficient in key movements allowing them a better quality of life. During the process we hope they fall in love with the energy they get from exercise and then the work they put in is no longer a challenge.