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Tough Mudder


This weekend was a good one.

Tough Mudder is a 10 mile obstacle course, where you are challenged mentally and physically – Tough Mudder is cold, wet, and muddy. It’s also exhilarating.

There are few other occasions such as this, where people are able to work as a team.

I was lucky enough to run this course with some Rob Newman Fitness clients, some who have done Tough Mudder before, and some who have not. Anyone can do a challenge like this, although I hear a lot of people list me the reasons they think they cannot.

As a personal trainer, you are seen to be ‘fit enough’ for all challenges. I happily tell my clients that running is not my forte, I dedicate my efforts to strength training, conditioning, mobility and I like to challenge myself with different types of exercise. So I will always say that clients run with me.

One of my favouite things about being a coach is that my client base feels like a big family. The events we have together, Tough Mudder, the Roga Dinner – these are times when clients talk to each other, and more importantly, gain strength from each other.

Next year I will be inviting a big group to run with me. If you feel like you cant; you can. If you don’t feel fit enough, you are.

I’ll be speaking to everyone in Studio about getting muddy with their favourite trainer very soon!