We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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What motivates you to change?


Mike has made many achievements during his time in personal training. He achieved 2 stone weight loss very early on, and he’s made record after record in his strength training.

Initially we started our training together to allow Mike to complete a 10k run. He then went on to run more 10k races, each one better than the last. Discovering that Mike had a predisposed ability with lower body strength, his training programme has included many heavy lifting sessions, as well as the odd metcon.

Top of these achievements comes a 150kg deadlift.

A target is a very powerful motivator. For Mike the running targets were more powerful than going on holiday. It is important to find that motivation to change, in order to achieve any result.

Check Mike out here talking about what motivated him to change:

By combining strength training and cardiovascular exercise, we were able to create a training plan that gave Mike the results he wanted. Now we’re working on achieving some maintainable results, while exploring new areas with which Mike can bring his nutrition.

Since his last running event, Mike has worked on his 5k times, and his running distance outside of the studio. This will be a great transferable training system and will allow Mike to really smash the 5k he’s going to enter in January.

Set yourself a target and work towards it. If you have ever wanted to enter a 10k but have thought that you wouldn’t be able to finish it, make that a New Year’s resolution.

You’ll be able to do it.

Well done Mike!