We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment. In a space that has the kind of facilities and amenities, you’ll really appreciate. Our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This gives you uninterrupted access to the room. As well as the kind of attention and support you’re looking for.

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What path should I take in the fitness industry?


A year ago I was invited to Solent University to give a talk on what is available to sports science graduates after they leave education. It was a great chance to revisit the sports faculties that I once studied in, and an amazing chance to be on the other side of the teaching environment.

I was asked to talk about what kind of opportunities are available to students once they graduate whether it be employed or self employed positions, and what kind of decision making process is involved. From a business perspective I was talking to them about the personal training industry and my experiences, but the collective sport and fitness courses at the University provide the students with a wide skill set and the freedom of direction can be daunting.

This week I was invited back and I was grateful for another chance to share my experiences.

This time it was great to be able to talk to the students about my learning curves over the last year of self employment, and how I am now taking steps towards the bigger picture.

Keeping in touch with the University is really exciting and hopefully in a years time I’ll have an even more exciting story to tell if I get the chance again.