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What to wear when training and why you should wear it

Let’s talk about confidence. I always ask my clients the same thing once we’re a few weeks into training. I ask “were you nervous when you started?”. I try to find out about how they felt when they walked into the studio for the first time and how it made them feel, and for those of my clients that agree to before and after photos (this isn’t mandatory), we revisit these first photos too. It’s great to look back at what people wore on their first session and all these things help me improve the way I make a new client feel more comfortable when they first start personal training.

What you wear when you exercise makes a big difference to how you feel. Checking those before photos a few months down the line is important because it reminds us of how we felt when we started. This might not count for everyone but a lot of the time it’s the same thing. It’s very frequently black, loose fitting t-shirts that hide someones shape completely, paired with old running shoes and some comfy bottoms. Now there is nothing wrong with this but it brings me to a good point.

Recently one of my clients celebrated a major weight-loss milestone and we were talking about rewarding ourselves. I suggested going out to buy some bright and colourful form fitting clothing to make them feel even more confident when training with me. A good coach can help someone feel more confident in the studio and take away some of the intimidation caused by the gym environment but there are many reasons why it’s still a daunting place to be.

It’s okay to be worried about people watching you, unsure of what to do in the gym, worry about how you look or focus on other people getting in shape rather then yourself. You’re not the only one who’s experienced this.

Not knowing what to do isn’t a problem once you’re with a personal trainer and slowly these other issues become less important once you start to focus on real results through quality exercise. When you want to start reinvesting in yourself and you’ve started on a new weight-loss journey, one massive way to get over the fears outlined above is to make yourself feel kick-ass by wearing clothes that can have that effect.

The compression tops, the sweat-wick bottoms, the open box trainers and the lifting shoes can all highlight and show off the areas that you are concentrating on in the mirror in a more positive way. They’ll provide training support and they’ll keep you cool while you exercise. Sometimes new clothing will even allow me to monitor your form further by not masking key parts of your body.

Clothes don’t just flatter your physique, they serve another purpose too. They show me how you are progressing as a client. You’ll see yourself every day, and change is hard to monitor. You’ll also be the biggest critic of any changes.

As a coach I’m monitoring change in as many ways as possible. The day you start coming in wearing clothes that are form fitted or clothes that you most certainly wouldn’t have worn 6 weeks earlier is the day you start seeing your results in the same way I do. The photos, the exercise PB’s, the improved sleep, the energy, the mood; all these things will show up in how you carry yourself in and out of the studio.

So reward yourself and get some new training kit. Your future self will thank you.