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I’d love for clients to read this and give us their opinions? These are my take-home points from arguably the best piece I’ve read this year:

1: Intuitive eating is a great concept but it doesn’t take into account the management of blood sugar levels or buying habits, leaving you vulnerable to strong cravings. It does however allow you to create a better relationship with your body.

2: It’s true if you’re dieting all the foods you can’t have suddenly become irresistible. The end goal is to create a great relationship with food too.

3: Being good one day to be bad the next is NOT balance.

4: The long term battle in trying to separate your worth from your appearance is very real, for men and for women.

5: ‘Wellness’ caters largely to already thin people. I think it’s important to observe that not long ago it was Jane Fonda on our tv screens with a host of already slim people in leotards, who probably haven’t gone through a relatable weight loss process.

6: Being less threatening to men: there are a lot of men out there who are also trapped in the wellness cycle and I think the message needs to be focused on body image and mental health, AS WELL as physical health.

7: It’s 2019. For better advocates of wellness swap Jane Fonda with…. Stephanie Chung? (Google!)

8: You do not have to love your body to respect it. That was profound. The wellness ‘virus’ is sold on a superficial lifestyle, non sustainable story.

9: This is not an attack on my industry; instead trying to separate a flawed and deep seated approach to improving your life and your health.

10: Although the writer has applied an equal rights lens to this article, there are many unhappy men who this would resonate strongly with.