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Why weight training is not just for the guys


This is Ania. We’ve spend just over 6 weeks together and so far Ania has lost close to a stone and a half.

Weight training is for the guys. Right?

All of my clients weight train, and it is something that I promote especially to women if they want to change their body shape or drop a dress size. Ania has been with me a little over 6 weeks and the change in her posture, shape, and energy have been fantastic.

As said by another client; “I get more excited about my clients results than they do”.

The most interesting thing about the nutrional changes Ania and I have implemented into her ‘diet’ have been to eat more. I have covered this in previous posts, but here is another example of how raising someones metabolic rate will improve their abilitiy to burn body fat. It has allowed the weight training to improve, and Ania’s strength to improve with it.

Ania’s training has been so exciting; and we’ve nailed all the best lifts. The squat, the deadlift. Core Kettlebell work. In our last session together Ania got a record deadlift of 50kg. The message here is that we haven’t done fat burning, or circuits. Or cardio. We’ve done strength training, and focused on improving energy levels.

I want to make sure all people reading this who think that women shouldn’t weight train, can start to think that they can.

So, more than just shape change. weight training for women can be your new go to exercise.

Stop focusing on cardio, and start training for the goals you want.

Run if you want to get better at running.