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Would 2 stone be a weight off your mind


Ania was very nervous when I first met her. She told me on camera that she was terrified the first time she came to the studio. Ania was referred to me by one of her friends who was already a client of mine; and she had seen their great results which prompted her to come and meet me.

I have been working with Ania since September last year, and we’ve been concentrating on shape change.

This transformation is close to two and a half stone weight loss.

We’ve combined weight training; cardiovascular exercise and core movements to increase her strength and energy. The focus was on making Ania stronger; and increasing her lean mass. This meant that Ania is now burning more calories daily, and her ability to burn body fat is greatly improved.

Ania told me that one of the best things about having personal training was that after Christmas, she wasn’t starting the new year on a diet.

Usually Ania would be trying one of the many new diets out there promising great results; but over Christmas Ania could relax knowing that our nutritional work together was already being looked after.

Going into 2017 having made such a great transformation already, Ania is even more motivated than before. We are building a nutritional blueprint as we progress with her training. We make sure that Ania has enough energy and focus at work; and that she is recovering from her strength sessions.

Each major milestone; a weight-loss marker, or a dress size dropped is celebrated.

Ania still drinks alcohol, and enjoys her vice foods as none of these have been removed from the diet completely; instead they are seen as rewards for her hard work. We use pictures to document her results as they are the most powerful tool we have available.

I have said before that the numbers aren’t important so that we do not build an emotional connection to the scales. Instead, the emphasis is on shape change.

Ania will continue to get great results because the most important thing that she gets right is consistency. I will look forward to showing off her progress again in the near future.

Well done Ania!